Louis Vuitton inaugurates its largest Maison in Shanghai

Louis Vuitton, is determined to remain the leader in the Chinese market, with the opening in Shanghai on July 18th of its largest Maison, the 16th in the world. With the interview of Yves Carcelle, Peter Marino, Poppy Delevigne, Laetitia Casta.

Interviews -
Yves Carcelle
We were the first one to arrive in China in 92, twenty years ago. In fact today we are celebrating twenty years of our presence in this country. And I think today, everybody is there, so I think we are in a new phase and it's very important for us as we were the pionner, we are still, hopefully for many many years, the leader of the market to do a statement.
as I said this Maison, although it's visually understated, you know, you never feel the size, the façade, it's very calm at the end of the day by its size, by its sophistication. it's a sort of new affirmation of our leadership on the market.
All over the world I think our Maison are becoming a destination for travelers and also a repetitive destination for locals.
Peter Marino
What's really new about this store is the absolutely continuing with the spirit that Marc Jacobs is bringing to ready to wear. It's much more fun, more feminine, it's more lighter but we still got the roots of this sort of trunk.
Poppy Delevigne
We've already got Marc wondering around. That's just kind of mad in itself but the architecture is exquisite, dynamic and I love all the different textures they're using in and around the store, and I love the beautiful spiral staircases. It's something completely out of this world.
Laetitia Casta
For me Louis Vuitton is a big company of luxe in a chic way.

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