Meet with Gérard Uféras - Photographer

He is part of the great photojournalists. Gérard Uféras began in the 1980s at Libération newspaper and then he collaborated with the agency Vu and worked for numerous magazines. He quickly developed a passion for long projects that he photographs like a documentary, often leading to an exhibition and a book. Behind the scenes of the opera throughout Europe, the marriages of different Parisian communities and of course fashion are part of his favorite subjects.

Gérard Uféras : I am a photographer and I must earn my living, so there's a whole part of my job which is based around that, I am a photographer who loves photography and in fact I am a lover of photographer. I always try to conduct big long term projects parallel to other more punctual works, which are either for the press or for businesses, this is how I earn my living, but what really animates and drives my passion I have for photography are the long term projects that lead to exhibitions and books.
I am part of a generation fascinated by photographers who practiced in black and white, and for me, black and white is more natural and it's very interesting that there is a kind of abstraction from reality, and it can say something very profound because it is less concerned with an anecdote.
It is difficult for people like me who are interested in doing reports, to work in media, that is also why I find that to do a big project that brings a book, or an exhibition can affect a public certainly much more easily than a subject for the press. There is much less work now for press photographers.
In this picture I was in the south of England at a festival called Glyndebourne, it takes place in a mansion and it's a love story, the lord of the manor had built a theatre for his wife who was a singer, and what you can see in the picture is an instant when the singer came after her show behind the scenes and in backstage, there is a door that overlooks the garden, and I was taking pictures of the choir who were in the garden, and when she saw me there, she threw herself back with her fan and she went running, I felt like I was seeing some sort of angel and in the 3 weeks before my return to Paris because it was during the time when we used films, and so we could not see what we were doing on the site, I dreamt about this picture and I remember having it developed in my lab - it was one of the great wonders of my life as a photographer.

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