Burberry Prorsum Spring Summer Collection 2013 in London (ITW)

The archives of the Burberry house continue to inspire the designer, Christopher Bailey. This season he draws the idea of a mini cape that reinterprets in a thousand ways and in many materials, satin, plastic, metallic and one covering the shoulders. The coat speaks volumes and wraps around like a cocoon protecting the silhouette. The coloured lace is present in a total look for a trench dress and with little touches of it appearing on shirts. The corset; the other piece that is apparent from the archives is modernized to today's taste and is worn with a pencil skirt.

Music from fashion show

Christopher Bailey :I had been looking in the Burberry archives, and I found these really beautiful images of Burberry corsets and Burberry capes, and so that kind of started with the idea of playing around with the silhouettes and the different volumes, kind of making the shoulder a little bit more round, but being very tailored in the waist and the torso.

The colours I wanted were basically just to make you smile, I wanted them to be kind of juicy colours, so we used lots of pinks, blues and greens and metallic colours, but then we had to use fabrics that could take the saturated colours, because with lots of fabrics you can't get that intensity of colour, so we used lots of silks and satins and very rich cottons as well as laces, metallic and plastics.

For the finale we wanted it to be a riot of metallic colours, and again it was something that made people's hearts smile!

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