Maurizio Galante - Haute Couture Spring / Summer 2013 fashion show (with itw)

Maurizio Galante continues his experimentation in Haute Couture by highlighting the artisan and craftsmanship. He invented a new Fortuny pleat for coats without collars. A gossamer black dress is held together solely by thread. The designer adds Japanese fabrics that he reinterprets in his own way. A fashion show highlighting women of all ages, notably three former models, stars from the 70s/80s.

Music from the fashion show

Maurizio Galante : I tried to take the artisan and the craftsmanship to the end, I think it's fundamental in the sense that the artisan and the craftsmanship talk about the culture of a population and talk about the beauty. And then just the idea of having a balance between the industry and the artisan, so between the memory and the future, so it's present.

Here, in this collection, we have a lot of Japanese fabrics, Japanese techniques, completely reinterpreted with my vision, it's as if I'm here again, and I bring things back with my vision.

There are clothes that take hundreds and hundreds of hours to make, like these crocheted by hand, it's huge.

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