Nina Ricci Fall Winter Collection 2013/14 in Paris (with itw)

The world of dance is invited to the Nina Ricci show, with the rigor and grace that characterizes this discipline. Femininity is highlighted by an upright posture. The silhouette is slender, the waistline is high and necklines are on show. The figure is wider for coats and skirts, similar to ballerina tutus. Peter Copping has not forgotten the functional and urban aspect, with parkas and jackets with ribbed edges, and comfort through woolen skirts and jackets. Long dresses in radzimir, duchess satin, embroidered lace or in ruffles of chiffon adorned with feathers, the eveningwear is bursting with radiance and delicate details.

Music from fashion show

Peter Copping : The collection this season was very much inspired by theatre and dance, and I wanted to pick up on aspects of dance, not only the pretty ballerina but the clothes that are worn for the practice sessions and the repetition. So that very much came through in the knitwear pieces where there were trompe l'oeils of layering so one sweater was worn over the top of another one.

Each season the Nina Ricci collection remains light, winter is like summer for me, it should always be very light and I work wool in a way that gives lightness to the product.

When I arrived in the fashion house of Nina Ricci, I wanted to return to the DNA of the house and for me Nina Ricci has always been very feminine, romantic and very Parisian, and that's what I try to evoke in the garment, but it's the way in which I create the garment, the fabric that I choose or how the garment is mixed which gives a modern edge and makes the house more contemporary.

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