A focus on the latest collection from Dice Kayek

A focus on the latest collection from Dice Kayek, which showcases the taste of the Turkish designer Ece Ege for structured silhouettes and architectural volumes. A wardrobe dominated by graphic black and white, colour contrasts, beaded and crystal embroidered and animal jewellery. An asserted glam-rock for next winter!Interview of Ece Ege: For me, my collection, above all, must have shape, structure, afterwards we chose the fabrics, the colouring, the prints, the specials weaving to integrate inside. We did quite a serious exercise in finding new shapes, whilst still keeping the spirit of Dice Kayek. We over-exaggerated the dimensions of the hound’s-tooth so that gives this very graphic element. The black and white leather, there’s no better material for creating a geometric, graphic and sculptural aspect. Always laminated leather. That, I love because it makes a French tennis player, because it’s blue, white, red, you put a racket in her hand and she plays tennis as if it were the twenties. This is my favourite dress, she’s naughty, sexy, but ultra-closed, very rock&roll as well, with white mules like these, and I think that this silhouette really well defines this collection in particular.Music royalty free Bandit & Nikit - 2018

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