Retro accessory, the turban, is a top hit this summer!

The turban or headband is a slightly vintage summer accessory. Seen at the shows, it’s back and brought up to date, revisited and boosting our allure. Bandeau style, it holds back your hair, often used by dancers, it’s reinterpreted at Moncler. Worn like an Alice Band, it states a touch of originality. When covering more of the hair, it creates a retro look, especially when worn with a bun. The more solid turban, can be worn in several different ways: you can leave out several strands of hair or leave the hair untied for a more understated look. For a more minimalist look, we’ll opt for black or plain. Practical and chic, when leaving the beach, it completely covers the head. A miracle solution for when you don’t know what to do with your hair. Printed or decorated, it makes a crazy look: it just needs a helping hand in creating a ball at the front or a knot at the side. Often associated with African, Arab or even Asian communities, it magnifies the face. Marc Jacobs used it as his leading accessory in his summer show, by transforming his cabin in true "girl power" style with a finale of strong and beautiful women.So this summer, affirm your femininity and dare the turban! Music royalty free / Bandit & Nikit / 2018

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