Kris Van Assche - Menswear fashion show Fall / Winter 2013/14 (with itw)

With conviction Kris Van Assche mixes sportswear with a suit spirit and throughout the show, confronts these two worlds, two styles, two generations. Resulting in hybrid clothing, mid sweater mid shirt, mid jumper mid coat. And to accentuate this effect, the suit is worn with sneakers and jogging trousers in flannel and elasticated at the waist matched with a white collar shirt. The fabrics are mixed between them to form a single garment. Even the suit jacket is divided into hooded sweatshirts for the top and the classic jacket for the bottom. The designer plays with the codes and makes the wardrobe more confusing!

Music from the fashion show

Kris Van Assche :The white collar of the banker or minister, the sweatshirts for the youngsters, the check shirt of the laborer, there are all these codes that which are ultimately clichés because today the new generation do not conform to these codes. So everything that we've considered is no longer true.

Some pieces like this sweatshirt with 6/7 fabrics, there really is this idea that we can put a man's style on almost every type of fabric, we can imagine a man or even a job, so the man is codified and therefore I thought to myself that you can be whatever you want to be, through these clothes.

Copyright : Paris Modes Productions