Stéphane Rolland - Haute Couture Spring / Summer 2013 fashion show (with itw)

Stéphane Rolland delivers a modern and clean fashion, which seems to be appreciated by Kim Kardashian standing to applaud the designer. Back to the Palais de Tokyo to present his show, the couturier evokes contemporary architecture and design, we can feel from the first outfit, an embroidered silk-crepe backless jumpsuit with back-to-front. Followed by long effects with a play on transparency, embroidery of feathers, silicone-embroidered, emerald crystal, additions of white glass petal, everything realizes around white, gray and some touches of black. The bride, former model Carmen, appears elegantly divine in an all-in-one outfit comprising matching wool-crepe tuxedo with a gazar trench coat.

Music from the fashion show

Stéphane Rolland: It's a collection that goes perfectly with this location, the Palais de Tokyo which inspired me greatly, I wanted a very statuary collection, it's almost an art exhibition, of statues, everything is very graphic, very linear, very clean. I played a lot with movements, with the cape, there's a chromatic theme, a very clean white with light ecru tones, with cloudy tones, there is a touch of black like a punctuation, it's almost musical, it's also almost a sheet music.

Carmen is a big moment in my life, and it really represents this collection, there is a very graphic beauty side, there is a past, but at the same time it's a modern woman and it shows this in a timeless aspect.

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