KRISVANASSCHE - Menswear Show Autumn/Winter 2015/16 in Paris with interview

It’s in the mineralogy and geology gallery with a pathway of dead leaves that the Kris Van Assche boys put on the show. The designer works the suit as the focus of the collection. A casual suit, which is worn with trainers. Trousers with elasticised ankles, zipped jackets, gathered sleeves and patchwork in contrasting fabrics define the new decorative elements of the suit. A military spirit is equally present with camouflage design worked in colourful knitwear patches. A collection full of energy, combining sport with the classic codes of a masculine wardrobe. Interview: Kris Van Assche: I love the mix of sportswear in the tailoring, I like that, this time there is maybe a source of inspiration a bit military, the reworked camouflage, but reworked through the eyes of sportswear, I didn’t want anything too military, but still sporty and so the marks of camouflage are reworked in a dynamic way, like a cycling vest. I was imagining an urban soldier, doing the slalom on a bike in one of the big cities in the world.A man who is dynamic, it’s a man who is confident in his future, it’s a man who’s moving forward. Maybe we lack a bit of that, I’m tired of people saying that it was better before, you’ve got to look towards the future, you’ve got to go there, you’ve got to have confidence.Music from the show

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